Elevate’s Chairman and CEO, Liam Brown has updated his COVID-19 message to our customers and employees.
The global COVID-19 pandemic is causing a historic upheaval of daily life and the global economy. We are making some of our consulting services and software available at no cost to help. You can review and register to receive these services here.
Products and Services for the Downturn
"Elevate’s Legal Invoice Review, coupled with our AI-enabled Matter Insights reports provide law departments with metrics enabling more strategic partnerships with their law firms. With Legal Invoice Review producing hard cost savings of 6-8%, law departments meet cost-cutting initiatives and improve law firm compliance with billing guidelines."
Jake Hills, VP Legal Operations
“Elevate excels at invoice review. The team is professional and delivers month after month. The service pays for itself.”
Head of Legal Operations, Fortune 500 Retail Company
“The ElevateFlex platform is designed to facilitate remote working, and to leverage legal talent from any location, for any duration, often more cost-effectively than local resources. We also offer programs to assist General Counsel in managing headcount furloughs while continuing to provide access to those employees’ skills and institutional knowledge.”
Matt Todd, VP ElevateFlex
"ElevateFlex is part of our long-term strategic plan. With our focus on cost-reductions and efficiency, ElevateFlex has been a key business partner in helping us meet our objectives.”
Richard Crabb, HSBC Global Legal, Head of Commercial Management
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey
Responding to COVID has had us all fixated on now. Business leaders are starting to think about what’s next. We’d like to discuss the results of our 2020 Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey and where Elevate is headed.
How ought law organizations respond to the radical changes in the business environment wrought by COVID-19 over the past several weeks? Not only has work-from-home become “the new normal,” but law firms and law departments also face an uncertain and potentially dismal business outlook...
In this Video Impact Story, Richard Crabb, Global Legal Head of Commercial Management at HSBC, discusses how leveraging ElevateFlex provides the bank with flexible, high caliber lawyers decreasing costs and improving efficiency.
In this video, Dr. Daniel Katz, Vice President, Data Science and Innovation at Elevate Services, discusses the spread of COVID-19 that already has a significant impact on the lives of millions and how the legal industry has begun assessing their priorities in light of the ongoing disruption.
8:00-9:30am PT
5:00-6:30pm PT
Webinar: The Science of Work From Home Productivity
Join neuroscientist, Sahar Yousef, and human performance researcher, Lucas Miller, (faculty at the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley and co-founders of Stoa Partners) for an exclusive livestream webinar for Elevate Associates and customers. The session will be packed with helpful tips & tricks to improve productivity and positivity when working from home, along with a scientific exploration of the data that informs their recommendations.
This expert webinar will examine the topic of risk management around document review as the COVID-19 crisis pushes review teams to a work-from-home model. The team addresses key security and productivity concerns and some of the unintended side-effects of traditional risk mitigation protocols.
Responding to any compliance-related action requires locating and accessing data. This webinar will explore how to implement healthy processes to avoid risk, fines, and data compliance actions; knowing where your data is located; managing both current and archived data; and responding to compliance actions with tight deadlines.
Hello! This is Wilfried Aubron, Director of People Engagement at Elevate, writing from my kitchen in Grenoble, French Alps, France. Over the last ten days, you've undoubtedly read a lot of advice about working from home. At Elevate, we've had a 40% remote workforce for the past eight years...
Today I celebrate my 8-year anniversary with Elevate. As we all know, it has been an unprecedented year so far, but still, I have so much to be grateful for. This business is the highlight of my professional career. I am fortunate to work with such a fantastic team and bring fabulous solutions to our customers...
As advisers and experts, having drunk the "LegalTech Kool-Aid" (and seen some amazing results), we have a strong innate belief in the benefits of Legal process re-engineering and technology. Too often we want to see our customers jump to the “Show & Tell” or even the “Think Ahead” stage. Missed Part 1? Read it here.
Perhaps by Memorial Day, college presidents and their leadership teams will face what will likely be the most important decision of their collective tenures: when to open the dormitories and classrooms on their campuses following the COVID-19 crisis. Even though we are bombarded with new information each day...