Nightmare on ELM Street
Sharath Beedu
Here's a terrifying thought: what if our best practices and new initiatives have created new problems? When it comes to Enterprise Legal Management (ELM), your law departments and law firms may now be going through this nightmare scenario. Many law organizations are following what they believe to be the best path to technology-led process automation when, in reality, they need to rethink, adapt, and adopt a more holistic approach to ELM.
5 Key Takeaways to Leverage Managed Contract Services in a COVID-19 Environment
Prashant Dubey, Michele Huresky
In today’s ‘Next Normal’, many General Counsel must suddenly contend with a slew of new contract-related legal matters. Our recent “5 in 25” webinar, “How to Leverage Managed Contract Services in a COVID-19 Environment” explored our top five takeaways when a company is responding to COVID-19 contract related issues. If you missed this webinar, you can watch it on-demand here.
Check out the Elevate Document Explorer tool. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) -enabled contract management platform locates and automatically extracts force majeure clauses, filters text units, and performs text unit similarity searches across a large volume of contracts.
In this success story, Eric Lentell, VP, Deputy General Counsel at Fitbit, discusses how Elevate helped them leverage their contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology platform to increase efficiency and automate lower-complexity work.
John Reikes, Bud Phillips,
Bhanu Relhan
“The law never sleeps,” goes the old saying, and amid the profound disruption imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, investigations and litigation continue. But how should law firms and law departments think about the impact of COVID-19 on such matters, particularly document reviews? For example, how can it be prudent to transition to work-from-home (WFH) reviews...
Products and Services for the Downturn
"ElevateNext handles portfolios of business as usual matters to drive efficiencies and lower costs by 10% or more without sacrificing outcomes. We use stringent process, AFAs for budget certainty, early case assessments, technology and AI, the right people, and unwavering devotion to avoid preventable litigation to achieve these goals."
Nicole Auerbach and Patrick Lamb
ElevateNext Co-Founders
“ElevateNext's innovative handling of True Value's business collections portfolio has reduced our legal spend by 50% and provided a 400% return on investment. We value their partnership, their commitment to diversity, and their support in helping us focus on our business.”
Theresa Shea
Vice President and General Counsel, True Value
“Elevate’s unique benchmarking process generates purchased expense savings from 15%-30%. The process ensures cheaper/faster/better results, is minimally-invasive for the Customer, and gives the incumbent supplier every chance to retain the business. Customers pay only after realizing and validating savings making this effort self-funding.”
Tariq Hassan
VP Procurement Services
“As a Mortgage and Commercial Bank, we have a laser focus on controlling our costs and increasing our efficiency. Elevate’s Procurement Services brought critical leverage to our indirect procurement efforts, and has moved us toward meeting our procurement savings goals, and with minimal cost risk for the bank.”
Senior Sourcing Manager
Leading US Financial Institution
We can help–tell us how. Take this quick (2 min) survey to let us know the Contracts, Legal Ops, and Change Management issues you are facing, and tune in for our webinar on May 28 as Elevate Experts Jake Hills (VP, Legal Operations), Kim DeVico (Director, Consulting), and Prashant Dubey (Vice President, Contracts) provide their expert perspectives on your most pressing priorities.
May 28
8 am PDT | 11 pm EDT | 4 pm BST
You’ve taken the survey, now join Elevate Experts Jake Hills (VP, Legal Operations), Kim DeVico (Director, Consulting), and Prashant Dubey (VP, Contracts) as they tackle your most pressing Contracts, Legal Ops, and Change Management concerns in an interactive webinar focused on your top priorities.
May 20
10 am PDT | 1 pm EDT | 6 pm BST
Elevate’s Craig Conte (Managing Director, Contracts Consulting) joins Bernadette Bulacan for another instalment of Icertis' Meeting of the Minds webseries. In this session, Craig and Bernadette will examine their "Top 10" practical considerations during the pandemic, along with best practices and ways to plan for long-term success.
June 2
8 am PDT | 11 pm EDT | 4 pm BST
Join Elevate Expert Dr. Daniel M. Katz, Vice President, Data Science & Innovation, as he shares his top five key insights to effectively leverage legal lexicon-specific Artificial Intelligence (AI) training in this bitesize-style, 35-minute webinar, packed with unique takeaways and best practices to help guide you along your path to automation.
Will Wilkinson
Compliance is a fact of (business) life. Increasingly, jurisdictions are enacting new data protection and privacy regimes, requiring companies to bolster efforts to meet the strictures imposed by a growing patchwork of laws and regulations. How should companies approach the challenge of compliance...
Deb Tesser
In just under four years, Shivatmika Nigam worked her way up from a Junior Contract Lawyer in Elevate’s Contract Management team to become Elevate’s Associate General Counsel. Deb Tesser, Global Marketing and Sales Operations Manager sat down with Shiva to hear more about her ascent and current responsibilities.