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Enhance Collaboration in Bill Review: Make “Gotcha!” a Thing of the Past
Sharath Beedu, Allison Hart
It might seem counter-intuitive, but one of the most collaborative activities between a law department and its outside counsel is billing: both parties work together to ensure bills are accurate, complete, and comply with the client’s Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG).
Elevate Releases Crystal Ball for Law: 2022 Outlook for Law Departments, Law Firms, and Law Companies
Liam Brown
As you may already know, Elevate recently released a new tool, a legal-industry-specific crystal ball that lets you see into the future awaiting law departments and law firms. OK, we didn’t. But we do track industry trends that pertain to law organisations.
Third-Party Subpoenas:
That Stone in Your Shoe
Andrew Greene
Each year, some companies receive thousands of third-party subpoenas, garnishments, law enforcement requests, and other third-party requests for information.
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Five Key Questions for
Law Departments Working
With Law Firms on DEI
Jacquie Champagne
For nearly two years, law departments have intensified efforts to hold their law firms accountable for making progress on diversity, equitability, and inclusion (DEI).
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Update on Ukraine
Fundraising Efforts
Claire MacDuff
Along with the world, we at Elevate have watched the events unfolding in Europe with concern and dismay. Many of our colleagues in Poland have been busy collecting food and other items necessary to survival.
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The Evolution of Incident Response
Data breach and incident response is evolving. Plan, identify a team and don’t panic. Elevate’s James Manari talks with Melissa Ventrone of Clark Hill; Adi Elliot of Canopy Software; and Elevate colleague, Megan Silverman.
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Stretch Beyond,
Together at LMA 2022
Kunoor Chopra, Nicole Auerbach
With the theme of Stretch Beyond, Together at the 2022 LMA Annual Conference, Elevate Experts Kunoor Chopra, Vice President, Legal Services, and Nicole Auerbach, Vice President and Partner, ElevateNext, took part in separate sessions in their legal areas. Below are recaps and reflections from LMA 2022.
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Gearing Up for
CLOC Global Institute 2022
Frazer Baron
Elevate Experts Kunoor Chopra, Vice President, Legal Services, and Stephen Allen, Vice President, Get Sh*t Done, will be joined on stage by Under Armour, Expedia Group, and Amazon for our session Getting Sh*t Done: Workshop Efficiency for Your Law Department on Tuesday, May 10, at 10:30 a.m.
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CLOC Global Institute 2022
Elevate is excited to sponsor the CLOC Global Institute 2022! Join us in-person in Las Vegas for the reimagined CGI. Connect with likeminded people so you can contribute to the growth and emerge as a leader in the industry.
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Legal Innovators California
Elevate is proud to sponsor the Legal Innovators California conference! Join us in-person in San Francisco on June 9 to discuss different perspectives on innovation at the intersection of legal technology and the business of law.
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