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'They Billed Us For What?!' Top Eight Most Egregious Billing Entries
Jake Hills, Jeffrey Klein
As anyone who has had the pleasure of conducting an invoice review knows all too well, it can be a tedious and thankless task. We have collected the top egregious time entries caught in our work implementing invoice review programs.
Soothing Legal Technology Pain Points with Elevate’s ELM
Sharath Beedu
The ACC released its 2021 Legal Technology Report for In-House Counsel, identifying critical pain points and the types of solutions seen as most important. While matter management tools are widely perceived as strategically important, relatively few law departments have adopted such technology. Why?
New White Paper and Podcast Episode Examine the Evolution
of Contracting
Stephen Allen
For anyone who contends with contracting – negotiating contracts, writing them, enforcing them, organising them, or anything else – Elevate has a new white paper, 'The Evolution of Contracting,' that takes a deep and thoughtful look at the topic.
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The Evolution of Contracting
Stephen Allen, Vice President of Get Sh*t Done at Elevate, had the pleasure of hosting a talk with Dr. Roger Strathausen and Elevate’s Rob Couch. Roger and Rob have produced a just-published Elevate white paper around contract life cycle management trends.
Delivering Differently
Elevate’s Vice President of Get Sh*t Done, Stephen Allen, talks with James Hartley, the National Head of Litigation and Disputes Advisory at Freeths, to review huge complex litigation that resulted in success for the Freeths team on behalf of a significant group of claimants.
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Event Recap: Change is No Longer Strange in Legal
Daniel Heymann
It feels like an eternity since I last set foot at a physical conference. I was fortunate enough to be back in person, recently speaking at Future Lawyers Week UK 4.0. It was simultaneously familiar and strange to be at a large event.
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Event: FT Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe
Oct. 14, 2021 | Award Ceremony
Elevate is excited to have been a thought leadership partner for the 2021 Financial Times (FT) Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe. Celebrate with us virtually, and learn what makes an innovative lawyer in the current climate.
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Business Updates
  Legal Operations – Take our Invoice Review Challenge by sending us a set of invoices and your billing guidelines. We will prepare a customised report – at no charge – to uncover how an Elevate invoice review program can save you time and money, create consistency, and enhance results.
  Med Legal – We are excited to welcome three new Med Bill Review Experts, six new Final Reviewers, and additional members to our Elevated Experience and Production Coordination teams.
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