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Good Data Needs a Co-operative Ecosystem
Stephen Allen
Dan Clark writing for Corporate Counsel reported that ‘“Frustrated” Legal Department Leaders Want Law Firms to Improve Data Reporting,’ published online July 28th, suggesting that 'Law firms that are unable to digitise data and offer it to clients, particularly data around risks and spending, will likely lose out to more cutting-edge competition.’
Law Firm Profitability
Elizabeth Lidholm
A critical question for any law firm is how to remain profitable while staying competitive, recruiting top talent, promoting DE&, and investing in innovative solutions while at the same time still meeting client demands and delivering exceptional client service?
A new diversity Call to Action letter spearheaded by Elevate and GSK Consumer Healthcare with the backing of other leading executives calls on General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers to support inclusion of People with Disabilities in their respective law departments. The letter asks leaders to take one concrete action in 2021 to demonstrate their commitment. Join the authors and signatories today by clicking here.
Practising Law at Scale
Dan Katz, Vice President of Data Science and Innovation at Elevate, hosts another episode of Inside the Engine Room.
Engagement and Getting It
This episode is part of our Expert series hosted by Stephen Allen, Vice President of Get Sh*t Done at Elevate.
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Business Updates
  ElevateNext – We launched a product offering involving counsel and remediation for SCCs (Standard Contract Clauses) as required to comply with EU privacy regulations.
  Technology – The latest releases of Analyse Documents and Manage Outside Counsel have been summarised in two recent blog posts.
  eDiscovery and Document Review – The group rolled out RelOne Australia as of August 1 in collaboration with a new customer.
The Allure of Flex Work
Natalie Limerick
The past several months have seen many articles reporting the rise in associate salaries to unprecedented levels. The lure of higher pay might seem irresistible, yet at ElevateFlex, we continue to attract and retain superb legal professionals.
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A Redesigned Talent Experience
Jeni Atlan
A portfolio career is no longer an alternative legal career; it is no longer something to fill a gap between “real” jobs. It is a conscious choice that puts YOU in the driver’s seat.
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A Conversation on Pricing
Ian Bamford, Aryan Dhingra
Ian Bamford is a Pricing Analyst with Elevate while attending college full-time. He recently spoke with Aryan Dhingra about his role and the value he brings to the law company and its customers.
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Let’s say (a virtual) hello at ILTACON 2021!
Aug 22-26, 2021
Elevate’s Dr. Daniel Katz will be one of several colleagues attending this year's event. If you plan to join the conference and would like to connect, please let us know by clicking the link.
Let’s Connect
AB2L Law Disruption Week
Aug 17-19, 2021 | Conference
Elevate expert Pedro Campos, Managing Director, Consulting, joins the panel session Alternative Legal Service Providers and Law Companies: Organizations Transforming the Legal Profession.
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Future Lawyer Week UK 4.0
Sept 14-16, 2021 | Conference
Join us at Future Lawyer Week UK 4.0 from September 14-16. Elevate expert Daniel Heymann joins the session: We Just Want to See the World Dance.
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