Prashant Dubey
Nicole Giantonio, Global Managing Director of Marketing, had a conversation with Prashant Dubey, VP of Contracts Solutions. Prashant is Elevate's obligations management expert.
Q: Prashant, in your experience, what is one of the most foundational elements to ensure proper obligation management and a well-run contract administration function?
Organizations need to establish a High Integrity Contract Repository. Bringing order to contract management starts by looking at what you have: assembling the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of contracts-with key attributes of those contracts extracted and available to all managers responsible for managing obligations in contracts, within a couple of keystrokes.
Craig Conte
As you may have noticed, "legal tech," contract lifecycle management platforms, automation, and AI are frequent topics of conversation at industry conferences and networking events, and a common theme in industry blogs. Here is how you can manage change & adoption.
Elevate has collaborated with leading multinational law firm Ashurst to launch a new flexible resourcing platform as part of the Firm's Ashurst Advance capability. The platform will enable Ashurst to source contract lawyers as an extension to Ashurst's practice areas and will also allow Ashurst clients to access technical expertise for secondments. The collaboration with Elevate is entirely new for Ashurst. Elevate will initially enable the Firm to provide flexible resourcing in both the UK and Australia, and ultimately will be rolled out globally.
Past President of Law Society of England and Wales brings innovation and diversity and inclusion expertise. Elevate has announced that legal innovation expert Christina Blacklaws has joined the company's Advisory Board. Ms. Blacklaws brings extensive experience in developing and managing law firms, directing law firm innovation, and advising legal organizations on transformational change, developments, and diversity and inclusion..."Elevate's Advisory Board is a natural fit for my work on innovation in the practice of law," said Ms. Blacklaws.
Liam Brown presented with Lifetime Achievement Award at British Legal Technology Awards 2019
Elevate Wins the 2019 American Lawyer Industry Award for Best Alternative Legal Service Provider
Elevate held an 'Unconscious Bias' event in London
On December 4th, Elevate held an 'Unconscious Bias' event in London. The event featured keynote speakers, including newly appointed Advisory Board member Christina Blacklaws, and provided Elevate Associates with a forum to discuss and share their thoughts and experiences related to Unconscious Bias.
Customer Video Impact Stories showcase, in our customers' own words, how collaboration with Elevate has had a direct impact on their businesses. First up, Stephen Allen, Global Head of Legal Service Delivery at Hogan Lovells describes their journey partnering with Elevated Lawyers.