Law is a field ruled by logic, and so it’s no surprise that more than a few legal professionals look askance at the idea of emotional intelligence. And yet, EI (alternately referred to as “EQ,” from the term “emotional quotient”) remains a critical factor for the success in situations where legal professionals work together. Practitioners with high EI will prove more adaptable, better team players, and easier to train, supervise, and manage.
Paul Shephard
If the term “IR35” is unfamiliar to you and you do business in the United Kingdom, then take note: you have until April 6th to get up to speed and comply with IR35’s requirements, or else face the prospect of penalties and fines. But don’t panic! The details of IR35 are easy to grasp, and compliance is simply a matter of diligence.
Virtual Event
Prashant Dubey, Elevate's Vice President and General Manager of Contracts Services, joins Anne Baker, Icertis' Senior Director of Partner Marketing, for their 10th episode of Icertis' podcast series, "Contracts Over Coffee."
  • Submit and track legal requests
  • Allocate and monitor legal requests
  • Balance team workload
  • Understand the volume of work
  • Reduce email overload
Tom (Hersh) Hershenson
From general counsel to legal ops professions, ELMs have been gaining attention as law departments confront the difficulty of operating efficiently across multiple disconnected point solutions. The February session of ALM Media’s Legalweek(year) conference included an hour-long session devoted to discussing the ELM platform paradigm and strategies for process automation.
Mar 1-5, 2021 | International Women’s Day | Virtual Event
Elevate hosts will ask panellists bold questions, focusing on their experience as influential women within the legal industry. We'll also address how the last 12 months spent pivoting and re-aligning due to COVID-19 have impacted their lives and careers, highlighting memorable career moments and new best practices to use as we define the next normal.