Where Are We Heading?
In Part I of this series, I examined how the pace of change in legal tech is ever-accelerating. In this post, I discuss the direction of travel, and the forces propelling change in the field. Where are we going, and what is taking us there?
Direction of Travel
If we agree that the speed of change is accelerating, it seems prudent to figure out where it’s taking us! Rather than predicting specific destinations, let’s think about the general direction of travel.
Matt Fawcett, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer handles legal affairs worldwide at NetApp. Under his leadership, NetApp’s digitally optimised legal department has earned several innovation awards. Elevate’s Chairman and CEO, Liam Brown, and Matt cover the concept of digital work, the burnout some are experiencing as digital workers, and transitioning from lawyer to lawyer leader to business leader.
Caryn Sandler, Partner and Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer at Gilbert + Tobin, joined Stephen Allen, the Vice President of Get Sh*t Done at Elevate in our Impact Podcast Series to share Caryn's experience implementing a significant and disruptive document review unit, GT Docs. Caryn's goal? Deliver the best document review solutions to Gilbert + Tobin's clients.
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Sarah Wilson-Ward
Scoping matters accurately is the key to saving money on your outside counsel legal spend without damaging valuable law firm relationships. Preparing a detailed breakdown of the desired work, deliverables, and outcomes at the outset of a legal matter will inform expectations throughout the life of that matter. By reducing opportunities for scope and spend creep, the legal work remains the focus of the engagement.
Solving Problems – Even the Ones Clients Don’t Realise Exist: An Interview with Erica Hayward
Erica Hayward, Tom Hershenson
Elevate Marketing Manager – Tom (Hersh) Hershenson speaks with ElevateFlex Engagement Manager – Erica Hayward about her journey from litigation to the legal talent acquisition and placement field.
Elevate was a proud sponsor of this year’s The Economist General Counsel Virtual Week, with Elevate's Liam Brown joined by ArcelorMittal's Ann van Ysendyck, and NetApp's Matt Fawcett as they took part in an exclusive insight hour discussion - Legal Teams in a World Transformed.
The session focused on how businesses, client relationships, and work practices are being reshaped. How can general counsel future-proof their business processes and build resilience for the next crisis? How can technology be used to make teams more efficient? And how should strategies employed during this crisis be used in the long run?
December 15 | Virtual Event
8 am PST | 11 am EST | 5 pm CET
Kunoor Chopra, Vice President, Legal Services at Elevate, and Kimberly DeVico, Managing Director, Consulting at Elevate, sit down with a panel of leading women to review this unprecedented year in business and contracting.