A Note From Chairman & CEO, Liam Brown

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

George Bernard Shaw

Leaders face a lot of problems, but poor communication is one they often create for themselves. I've learned that what's crystal clear to me can be fuzzy to others, and while I fear that I am repeating my messages over and over, I can't over-communicate when it comes to customers and their experience.

As a business, we want our customers to feel informed, heard, and connected to Elevate.  

My Elevate colleagues communicate tactical service updates with customers verbally and in writing daily, weekly, and monthly. It's our practice to supplement this rhythm with regular quarterly program and annual strategic communications. And while social media buzzes with Elevate company updates, I still ask myself, are we communicating enough with customers?

It's my pleasure to welcome you to the first monthly Elevate eNews Communication. Here we will try to communicate about upcoming events that you might be interested in, connect you with the viewpoints of our experts, showcase real-life customer success stories (and yes, even some struggles!), and introduce you to our team members around the world.

Effective communication runs both ways so I welcome your feedback! I can be reached at [email protected]

Featured Posts

An Interview on Flexible Lawyering: Denise Nurse

It starts with understanding someone's confidence in who they are and what they do, and then looking at how that fits with their personal goals. If someone's primary need is the security of knowing exactly what each month ahead will look like, they probably aren't a good candidate for this career path.

A Third Career Path in Law: Janvi Patel

For many decades a law student graduated with their degree, and if they were part of a fortunate minority of graduates, they obtained a training contract from a law firm. From there, they would work their way up to partnership level, or make the move to an in-house legal team.

A World of Possibilities for Law: Kunoor Chopra

One of my second year professors gave me the following advice: "make sure when you go out into the legal world you find a job you want that interests you and excites you." Unfortunately, I did not follow my teacher's advice right out of law school but ultimately I parlayed my knowledge, skills and passion to create two legal tech and consulting companies.

Video: AI Powered ContraxSuite

ContraxSuite is an open-source legal document and contract analytics platform. ContraxSuite is a highly extensible web-based platform with a natural language processing toolkit (LexNLP), a machine learning library, and pre-trained contract analytics models designed to solve common problems in legal document and contract analytics

Key Highlights

Elevate Wins Three Trophies at the IACCM Americas Conference

Elevate was honored to win the Awards for Outstanding Service Provider (Americas & Global) and the Award for Operational Improvement (Global) jointly with VMware at the IACCM Americas Conference

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Elevate Wins Recorder ASLP of the Year

California Leaders in Tech Law & Innovation Award as Alternative Service Provider of the Year (LPO)

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ElevateNext Law Receives Women's Business Enterprise Certification

Proud to announce national certification as a Women's Business Enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

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Elevate Brings Three Products to Legal Tech App Platform Reynen Court

Elevate has made three of its technologies available on Reynen Court's legal tech app. These three products include a legal AI platform, ContraxSuite; legal project management app, Cael Project; and a billing app called Cael BillPrep.

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